ORly Radio Show 9 - Sugar Alcohol is Full of Surprises

ORly Radio Episode 9, for Friday June 6th, 2014

Hello listeners, this is O'Rly "Radio" - A podcast about the things that makes you say "Oh Really?".

Hosted by Andy, Mike, David, Don, and Ann!
Music: "Rocket and Pamgaea” by Kevin MacLeod (www.incompetech.com)

Science / Technology

Item 1: Scientific Breakthrough May Have Laid The Groundwork For Human Teleportation
URL:  http://elitedaily.com/news/world/scientific-breakthrough-may-laid-groundwork-human-teleportation/613912/
Item 2: “Mega-Earth” discovered by Kepler.
URL: http://ow.ly/xB1Oq
Item 3: Found! Oldest Known Alien Planet That Might Support Life
Item 4: Google Could Disrupt Global Internet Delivery by Satellite
URL: http://www.technologyreview.com/news/527831/how-google-could-disrupt-global-internet-delivery-by-satellite/


Item 1: Bible Verse Investigated In Toddler's Murder, Suspect's Attempted Suicide
URL: http://www.cbs12.com/news/top-stories/stories/vid_16268.shtml|
Item 2: Christian Ministry Quotes Adolf Hitler on Billboard, Not Realizing That’s a Bad Idea
URL: http://ow.ly/xB1tC
Item 3: Teen Mom Throws Newborn in Trash Because Baby Looked Like Her Ex


Item 1: Surprise! The House Actually Managed To Pass A Gun Safety Bill
URL: http://thinkprogress.org/justice/2014/05/30/3443129/surprise-the-house-actually-managed-to-pass-a-gun-safety-bill/


Item 1: After 5 Months of Sales, Colorado Sees the Downside of a Legal High
URL: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/06/01/us/after-5-months-of-sales-colorado-sees-the-downside-of-a-legal-high.html


Item 1: (Andy) You Can Grab Software That Helped Pixar Make Wall-E For Free Soon
URL: http://gizmodo.com/you-can-grab-the-same-software-pixar-used-to-make-wall-1584470644
Item 2: (David) Slick book series http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mode_series
Item 3:  (Mike): Awesome short stories. http://www.scp-wiki.net/
Item 4: (Don) Neal Stephenson, Anathem