The rap sheets for the usual suspects that serve as "talent" for the ORly Radio crew.

Andy Cowen - Host/Creator

Andy Cowen - Host/Creator

Andy Cowen is a would be entrepreneur but found he would rather actually do the work than do the administration tasks, So he went back to working for other people, but still has the itch to create for himself and entertain. Now you get to be graced with his presence (and opinions) online. 

Andy writes the CanWeFixIt blog and his personal blog Cowen's Corner.

You can give him a piece of you mind out on Facebook or follow him on Twitter.

David O'Connor is a gamer and survival hobbyist. He is launching Meme Time News later this year.

Until then you can follow some of his posts on the ORly Radio facebook page.

Michael Robinson is an inventory control master with a background in nuclear science.  He also looks an awful lot like David Tenant's 10th Doctor and you may find him roaming around with a banana and a sonic screwdriver.

You can find some of his work here: