Topic Tuesday #124 2014/12/02 - "Headline News"

Topic Tuesday #124 2014/12/02 - "Headline News"

I read the news today, oh boy...

No wars won, just some continuing perpetually.

Madonna's breasts are holding up so nicely at 65 that she did a photo shoot to show them off and make some probably needed social commentary on aging, body image, and sexual repression among other things on her mind...

Female Genital Mutilation numbers are going down, but the practice continues... If you don't know what FGM is, look it up, but have some booze handy to take the edge off the outrage.

Ukraine has a new government voted in, but that may not mean ceasefire.

Bluefin tuna is threatened and there are new sanctions to save the species. 

Relations between China and India are leading to a military build up and India modernizing it's fleet. I was unaware that China and India had submarines. India has 13 of them in fact. I am more surprised I hadn't thought about it before, but there ya go.

Microsoft has decided to no longer provide clip art, so hone your google image search skills.

The Girl Scouts of America will allow troops to use the web and phone apps to sell the famous cookies, and even to have them delivered directly yo you.  Oh yes!

Google's Chromecast streaming stick is getting better and better, so you might consider it as a stocking stuffer at $35 or less.

Things are tough everywhere but hopefully you didn't get set ablaze in Ferguson MO, or have to push your own plane on a runway in Russia, it was -51 C (-61F).