Deck chairs on the titanic

Ok, that may be a little overly dramatic. BUT IT DIED! Okay, let me explain. Since this new podcasting endeavor and my new job at work require a bit of useful computing area, I decided to rearrange my office. This is no small task being a geek, and going though a divorce with 2 young children. And a clever kitten that loves to be in whatever pile of anything I just moved. 

This is all well and good and things are going fine. I have it where I think I want it and connect everything up. Moment of truth. I turn on the beast of a PC that I run and.... nothing. not even a whimper of a whine or a puff of magic blue smoke. 


So I do some basic trouble shooting, since that is what I do... and I have diagnosed it as a power supply malfunction. not total, but enough to not take a load and power the machine. 

Since I would like to get a show out to you all this week, to Amazon I go! (Prime is awesome.)

Since this post would be boring without links, here is the Power Supply I picked up.

Hopefully some of the other items I decided to get, to improve the show quality, will arrive before Friday, too.