To Be Continued.

To Be Continued...

Combat Fatigue. The world post the 2016 election has been an onslaught of unbelievable actions and revelations. Just when we thought we had a handle on it, things would go pear shape, then apple shape, then dragon fruit and so on. 


Your host, Andy, has also been though some life changes. It has become harder to maintain a late night schedule for recording and the fatigue may have been taking a toll on bodily health as well as mental. Also, getting older sucks. In the intervening time sine we went dark, many things have happened large and small, personal and global. We have not forgotten our audience, but it wasn't fun anymore. It was... Hard. 

The fun must be found for these endeavours and we will continue to figure that out. Shorter format. Live recordings, but perhaps edited down. Less negative politics. More light. More facts. More education. More laughs. 

If you have things to share, let us know. We'll be back, when ready.