ORly Radio Show 63 for Saturday June 20th, 2015 - Racism Meets Reality - Charleston and the Confederacy

ORly Radio Show 63 for Saturday June 20th, 2015 - Racism Meets Reality - Charleston and the Confederacy

Welcome to ORly Radio Show 63 for Saturday June 20th, 2015  where we dismantle the current events for your edutainment through mostly rational conversations that make you go ‘Oh Really’! I’m your host Andy Cowen with my usual suspects Michael Robinson and David O’Connor.

Errata From Last Week: We make mistakes. Please, if you find one, pause the podcast, and send us a note. orlyradiopodcast@gmail.com or phone it in 470-222-6759

QUICK Headlines by Circa:


The Good:

  1. Rupert Murdoch to step down as CEO of 21st Century Fox in 2016, Sons will inherit the reins, and are not conservative and hate Fox News.

    1. http://circanews.com/s/8IL

    2. http://www.salon.com/2015/06/17/fox_news_as_we_know_it_may_be_screwed_roger_ailes_stunning_rebuke_could_spell_the_end/

  2. A group of chemists and engineers who work with nanotechnology published a paper this month in Nature Nanotechnology about an ultra-fine mesh that can merge into the brain to create what appears to be a seamless interface between machine and biological circuitry. Called “mesh electronics,” the device is so thin and supple that it can be injected with a needle — they’ve already tested it on mice, who survived the implantation and are thriving. The researchers describe their device as “syringe-injectable electronics,” and say it has a number of uses, including monitoring brain activity, delivering treatment for degenerative disorders like Parkinson’s, and even enhancing brain capabilities. http://gizmodo.com/scientists-just-invented-the-neural-lace-1711540938

Logical Fallacy

The Bad:

  1. Racism?: Next $10 bill will feature a woman, US Treasury Dept. says  http://circanews.com/s/HeJB Public says it should have been the $20

  2. Rachel Dolezal Resigns President of NAACP of Washington position after being outed as white by her parents and self identifying as black for a really long time. just google her name, but don’t read the comments.


The Ugly:

  1. Racism: Charleston shooter charged with 9 counts of murder, 1 gun possession charge  http://circanews.com/s/DBMB

  2. http://www.patheos.com/blogs/barrierbreaker/why-it-might-be-time-to-accept-that-white-lives-matter-more-a-black-atheist-reacts-to-dylann-roofs-bond-hearing/

  3. Audio Clip: Sandy Rios, the American Family Association’s director of governmental affairs, attacked President Obama today for his response to the Charleston shooting, which she said is proof that he “enjoys” such incidents because it will give him another chance to “remove guns from the hands of the American people.” http://www.rightwingwatch.org/content/sandy-rios-obama-enjoyed-charleston-shooting

  4. Confederate Flag controversy:

    1. http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2015/06/19/why-south-carolinas-confederate-flag-isnt-at-half-mast-after-church-shooting/

    2. A little happy: Supreme Court rules Texas can refuse Confederate flag on license plates  http://circanews.com/s/y7GB


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