ORly Radio Show 8 - Pulling out... all the stops.

ORly Radio Show 8 for Friday, May 30th, 2014

Hosts: Andy, David, Mike, Don, and Ann!
Music: "Rocket and Pamgaea” by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Science / Technology

Item 1: Google: Data center optimization through machine learning, and they have a D-Wave Quantum computer of their own. And new cute little innovative self driving cars.
URL1: http://techcrunch.com/2014/05/28/how-google-uses-machine-learning-and-neural-networks-to-optimize-data-centers/
URL2: http://googleblog.blogspot.ca/2014/05/better-data-centers-through-machine.html
URL3: http://www.wired.com/2014/05/quantum-computing/
URL: “Gar”: http://recode.net/2014/05/27/googles-new-self-driving-car-ditches-the-steering-wheel/
URL2: “Gar” http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/may/28/google-self-driving-car-how-does-it-work?CMP=fb_gu
Item 2: White House Science Fair turns 4 years old.
URL1: http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2014/05/27/meet-exhibitors-2014-white-house-science-fair
URL2: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/28/us/politics/talents-on-display-at-white-house-science-fair.html
URL3: 12 year old Peyton Robertson has 3 pending patents too!


Item 1:  Future of pot usage discussion. Colorado MJ Distributor busted by Feds (DEA) for Colombian Cartel connection. State Rights/Fed Laws (Supremacy Clause http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supremacy_Clause )
URL: VIDEO: http://ow.ly/xlBau
More future of pot, New house law blocks Fed from going after marijuana in states that have legalized it:

Item 2: European High Court ruled that a person has a "right to be forgotten."
URL1: http://us.cnn.com/2014/05/14/opinion/randazza-google-right-to-privacy/index.html
URL1.5: http://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2014/05/14/people-have-the-right-to-be-e-forgotten-eu-court-rules-against-google/
URL2: http://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2014/05/30/google-unenthusiastically-launches-right-to-be-forgotten-request-form/


Item 1: The House Science Committee Has Held More Hearings on Aliens Than on Climate Change
URL:  http://ow.ly/xlAEL

Item 2: Term Limits? Maybe, maybe not. Discussion item more than news.
Rep. Ralph Hall, the 91-year-old Texas Republican who is the oldest-ever member of the U.S. House, has been ousted in a primary runoff. Last WWII Veteran on roles

URL: http://ow.ly/xlAS0


PSA: Retirement: Welcome to the Not-So-Golden Years

The average retirement age is now 62, giving Americans, whose life expectancy is 78, a few golden years to enjoy. That is, if they have a retirement plan. According to a national survey by the Employee Benefit Research Institute, 73 percent of individuals who don’t have an IRA or a 401(k) have less than $1,000 in savings. What’s our not-so-secure safety net? Social Security. Nine out of 10 people 65 years or older receive benefits averaging a meager $1,294 a month.

URLs:    www.personalcapital.com     www.mint.com     www.fidelity.com      www.bankrate.com


Item 1: (Andy) Dracula: Radu Florescu, Scholar Who Linked Dracula and Vlad the Impaler, Dies at 88

URL: http://ow.ly/xlB17

Item 2: (David) Cold Allies by Patricia Anthony (Apr 1, 1994)


Item 3: (Mike & Don) Sprizting - wicked fast (and AWESOME) reading

URL: http://www.spritzinc.com/