ORly Radio Show 69 - Blue Moon Edition

ORly Radio Show 69 - Blue Moon Edition

Welcome to ORly Radio Show 69 for Friday July 31st, 2015 - where we dismantle the current events for your edutainment through mostly rational conversations that make you go ‘Oh Really’! I’m your host Andy Cowen with my usual suspect, Mike!

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RANT Segments / QUICK Headlines:

A blue moon, at least according to the modern definition of the term, has nothing to do with color. It simply means a second full moon in the same calendar month.


The Good:

  1. The government of Sri Lanka announced this week that Google’s Project Loon will provide "affordable high-speed" internet coverage for the entire country, beamed from balloons floating in the atmosphere. Neither the Sri Lankan government or Google has set a concrete timetable, but foreign minister Mangala Samaraweera made mention of the country being covered in “a few months.” The country of Sri Lanka covers 24,954 square miles, with a population a little more than 22 million. Loon’s latest iteration is called the Nighthawk, a collaboration between the Loon team and aerospace designer Raven Aerostar. The Nighthawks will be outfitted with LTE antennas to send data to mobile phones, and capable of transmission from balloon to balloon and to telecommunication stations on the ground. The balloons are slated to stay in the air for 100 days at a time. - http://www.popsci.com/google-set-provide-entire-country-wi-fi

  2. Mark Zuckerberg announced the completion of Aquila, Facebook’s first full-scale aircraft designed to deliver wireless internet with lasers, as a part of their project with Internet.org. Aquila is solar-powered, weighs “less than a car,” and has the wingspan of a Boeing 737, - http://www.popsci.com/heres-look-facebooks-internet-drone

-BREAK- Burden of Proof

The Bad:

  1. 911 dispatcher, Matthew Sanchez, with the Albuquerque Fire Department has been reassigned after hanging up on a frustrated caller attending to a dying gunshot victim, NBC News reports. In a released audio recording, the dispatcher can be heard saying “I’m not going to deal with this, okay?” in response to the caller’s vulgar language before ending the phone call. 17-year-old Jaydon Chavez-Silver, was later pronounced dead at a hospital.- http://gawker.com/deal-with-it-yourself-911-operator-hangs-up-on-calle-1720740307

-BREAK- Voicemail

The Ugly:

  1. Samuel DuBose, 43, was killed on 19 July by a single shot to the head fired by University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing during a routine traffic stop, in which DuBose was pulled over for not having a front license plate. - http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/jul/29/cincinnati-police-shooting-samuel-dubose


Andy’s: Ernest Cline’s “Armada” http://amzn.to/1UdZbPe and Kim Stanley Robinson “Aurora” http://amzn.to/1UdZhq9

Michael’s: Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Series http://amzn.to/1MYKtY8


Music: "Rocket and Pamgaea” by Kevin MacLeod (www.incompetech.com)
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